Friday, 28 December 2012

A Vision of Ecstasy

It's rare that I get excited over pair of tights, but this is one of the few occasions that I did. I found these Jonathan Aston Moulin tights amongst a heap of mess in River Island a good few months ago, and could have squealed with excitement when I unexpectedly stumbled across them after the search was on for months. 

They have a gorgeous French vintage themed motif that sits above the knee and are definitely true to their iconic name and the Astonista standard. The only downside I would say is a common problem I find with most tights, in that they tend to fall down, but that easily be fixed if you keep an eye on them! I am pleased to say that they're available from pretty much everywhere now, and I definitely intend to expand my range. 

Just so you know, I tried to take these snaps during a brief moment when it stopped raining, but the down pour returned with vengeance soon after, which explains dreary pictures and the wet hair! I apologize profusely!


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