Sunday, 25 November 2012

When You Hold Me, I'm Alive

I have been moaning about the weather a lot recently, and so when I saw a glimpse of sunshine, I thought I had better take advantage, and I am pleased I did because it didn't last for long. 
Saying that, I am rather glad the weather is cold and miserable as there is nothing I like better than cozy afternoons at home watching films and drinking tea, especially after a crazy night out!

Now for the clothes! I got all of these pieces fairly recently so was eager to try them out. 
What I most like about this outfit is the different textures - the boucle jumper, matte leather trousers and suede bag, I think texture sometimes brings an outfit to life. 

Let me know what you think 

Jumper - MISS SELFRIDGE,  Leather Trousers - TOPSHOP, Boots - EBAY, Necklace - H&M, 


Friday, 23 November 2012

Black Magique

I bought this amazing coat from Topshop and I  ♥  it. 

It's quite pricey at £110, but worth it if you want to invest in a warm and versatile coat you can throw on top of anything.

I have seen so many people wearing it, and it pretty much goes with everything in my winter wardrobe right now. 

It has a luxuriously soft detachable fur collar, and is a greyish textured tweed fabric so looks fabulous if your kitted out like a ninja, which I am... a lot.

Here is what I will be wearing it with. 


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Powdered Pretty

I have made some additions to my winter collection recently and thought these little beauties were definitely worth sharing. I have compiled these items over a few weeks, and highlight that I did not blow all my dough in one day.  (I say to ease the guilt...)

Some are well thought out choices that I can wear time and time again (pleather trousers, chunky wool knit), and others are irrational indulgences I just cannot justify. Like the dress (!) Exactly when on a sub-zero winter day, would it be sensible to be dressed so scantily! – quote - mother.

I was in Oxford Street on the day of the Kardashian Kollection launch, and although I am an avid follower (I am aware, possibly for the wrong reasons), I had no desire to be part of the Klub as it were and take a piece of the Khaos home with me. The hype is kind of over, but I am still in two minds as to whether to get something. Did you guys pick anything out, and if so what?

Just so you know, all of the New Look items were on a promotional 25% discount that was running last week (a gift in the spirit of Christmas?)This has now been replaced with a 25% discount on Dorothy Perkins (excluding the Kardashian Kollection)!

Some of the clothes are for work, and some casual, let me know what you think.

Top from left - studded collar sleeveless shirt - NEW LOOK, pink embellished sleeve top - NEW LOOK, grey wool knit - TOPSHOP, maroon lace crop top - TOPSHOP, studded suede bag TOPSHOP, silver pearl necklace - H&M, embellished peplum dress NEW LOOK, pleather trousers TOPSHOP, denim skater skirt - TOPSHOP.


All That Glitters

Thank you for visiting my blog. This is a little sanctuary I have created where I will be sharing all that glitters in my life. I hope you enjoy.